Conversation with my heart

Why me? Why now?

You are looking for the truth. The truth is love. You’ve got to love.

My life is tidy. I can’t jus’t let you be. Doesn’t fit my character.

Who talks about habits? Just feel!

I feel light. And heavy. I feel warmth in my cage.

Now that’s it. Welcome human.

I don’t know where you want to take me. I’m afraid of what I might say.

And if you leave plans at the side?

You are glowing. You are nourrishing. You seem like life.

What’s your depth? Your width? Your height? What shall I name you?

Why words? And what use for limits?

What if people suffer? What if I suffer?

Tear the layers of conventions. Break the thickness of fear. And love!

I’m afraid of cats caressing me. I’m frightened by dogs plays. I run away from hugs. How can I dare open to you?

You know I’m inside. You know I’m you.

For decades I built a sophisticated vault so you never get a bruise.

You are safe from danger then. Safe from bacterias. Yet you are sick. Sick to touch life. Sick to open to life. Sick to be alive.

Let me call my friend. She has a key that works magic. My heart trust her. I might  touch the cats, embrace the dogs and care for the spiders. I might even say it.

Say it.

I love you.

Hahaha. Are you still alive?


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