I am Humanity

Flowing between pea and poop, I found my way
Navigating the pelvic floor, I crowned to life.

And here am I, decades later, discovering my own root floor.
I can do fun stuff with it. Toning the bladder and climbing the rectum
It feels alive. It feels special. And suddenly I realize

Grandma had a pelvic floor too. And all humans do.
I’m made of exactly the same fabric as you.

I have in me all the possibilities,
all the eventualities,
all the instincts.

I’m strong and weak
Idiot and smart
Screwed and screwer
I am the beauty and the beast
The ugly, the bad and the good.

I am my curious girl and my crafty boy
I am grandpa Martin and aunt Victorine
I am ancestor Lucy
I am my grandson yet to be conceived

The same Fabric

I am me. And at the same time,
I am all of them.
I am a human being.
I am humanity.

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