Conversation with my heart #3

You and I had questions, apologies, doubts and hesitations.
And monday morning, in this immense hall, our friend appeared.
And time decided to slow its motion
while our friend motionned towards us.
And we hugged.

And time decided to stop.

Insanely nurturing.
Just there, you decided to let go of your shells.
It was peaceful and energetic.
It was silent and intense.
For what you experienced, words are useless.
Answers and questions vanished.

For me it seems to be the first time.
But you have been there before. You have known
our friend for decades, centuries?
You have known confidence and peace before.

Who will blame us for looking for that instant, again?
Who will blame the search of happiness?
Is that clinging?
Indeed. Our friend has a magic key.
Just like that, snap, you are unlocked.

It’s madening.

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