Audition Sélective

Ce matin je suis venu voir Bart à Laeken, pour la 5e fois en 6 semaines. En arrivant au parc jean sobienski, j’entends un avion voler bas. Je peux voir le logo presque. Ah !
Et deux minutes plus tard, un autre avion.
Non! Ils ont reroutés un aéroport dans le quartier ? Parce que ces avions n’étaient pas là la semaine dernière, ni avant.
Attends. Sûr ?
Bon s’ils étaient là, comme se fait il que je ne les entendais pas?
Comme si j’entends de temps en temps…

Ouverture. Accueil. Réceptif. Focale. Tunnel. Bouquet. Présent.

Les temps changent

juste en purvottanasana

Fugace douceur
Persistante lourdeur
Profonde torpeur

Quand est-ce agréable?
Quand suis-je bien?
Quand suis-je heureux?

If you dare, Imagine

Imagine how it would feel like to feel relaxed

To feel relaxed in the jaw
To sense relaxed in the neck
To be relaxed in the shoulders

Just Imagine!

To be relaxed in the pulp of the little finger
Just Imagine!

To be aware that you are relaxed
Just Imagine!

Life flowing. Energy reaching. Just being.
Butterfly. Light. Tree.
Just Imagine

If you dare.

Let me sit

Let me drop the sitting bones on this block, softly
Let me rest the knees, lower
Let me stack the pearls along the spine, gently
Let me ride the wave of the breath, deeper
Let me sit the mind here, Now.

Let me sit.

[09/03] Wahou

Swanubhooti Vatika* à la chinmaya mission à Taluka. Un endroit enchantant. Magique. Energisant. Laissez moi tirer une flèche.

Le poème de la visite.

How did you know I was to come?
That I’d come today?
You spared no efforts to build this shrine for my amazement
The music of letters, the poetry of sounds, the honey
of smells, the breath of view, the beauty of Life
1101 blessings to you.


*Vibooti Vatika: jardin de l’éveil

The Infiltrate Horse

I thought you were common
Like the 9 other body systems
That my mind could rule over you
But you have your own agenda
And a network of servants

Patiently you wait for your hour
In time distort our bodies for signaling
Make us crave and find your mates
Dictate our life choices and lure us into families

In a snap, eyes, legs, hormones, will even surrenders to you
You consume us, receding only when your mission is accomplished
A machine indeed, relentless, dedicated to one single purpose
– Bring about the next generation –
Certainly you were designed for titans

They called you sexuality
Often despise you as obscenity
Or disguise you as sensuality
Yet you are about continuity

What sort of human can handle your reins?

I am Humanity

Flowing between pea and poop, I found my way
Navigating the pelvic floor, I crowned to life.

And here am I, decades later, discovering my own root floor.
I can do fun stuff with it. Toning the bladder and climbing the rectum
It feels alive. It feels special. And suddenly I realize

Grandma had a pelvic floor too. And all humans do.
I’m made of exactly the same fabric as you.

I have in me all the possibilities,
all the eventualities,
all the instincts.

I’m strong and weak
Idiot and smart
Screwed and screwer
I am the beauty and the beast
The ugly, the bad and the good.

I am my curious girl and my crafty boy
I am grandpa Martin and aunt Victorine
I am ancestor Lucy
I am my grandson yet to be conceived

The same Fabric

I am me. And at the same time,
I am all of them.
I am a human being.
I am humanity.